Pilots Given More Flexibility In Choosing Flights

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Pilots Given More Flexibility In Choosing Flights

Postby CAA001 » Tue Jan 26, 2010 1:55 am

Originally Posted August 10, 2007.

A number of our pilots have suggested that as a Charter Service we should be able to fly our clients anywhere they want to go and not be restricted to the "official" assignment list and not have to wait for a new assignment to be added to the list. I have decided to implement the procedure listed below. You will note that there are only two requirements. However, I would like to make a non-binding suggestion. I am not a big fan of teleporting. So, it would be nice if each of your flights started where the previous flight ended. If you start flying around the country, remember that the aircraft needs to be maintained. Try not to go more than 5 or 6 segments without stopping at a hub. Here is an exception. I have installed teleporting equipment at each of our hubs. Once at a hub your next flight may begin at any hub you choose.

OK, here's the new procedure:

You can fly any assignment you want if two conditions are met.

1. The PIREP for any segment that is not an existing CAA flight at the time flown MUST be recorded with FSACARS. When filling in FSACARS you can use a bogus 9999 flight number. Manual PIREP reporting will not work as there is no real flight number.
2. At the completion of the assignment, you must send me a simple email telling me the route flown and the aircraft used. I may then add the assignment to the database for future use. This assumes that you started and ended at a hub. I only want the email after you have reached the ending hub. For route flown, I only want to know the airports you landed at. I do not want the flight plans.
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